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Death by Deletion - Sally & Rory 

Rory was standing in the morgue, looking over papers on a clipboard, his eyes shifting over to the body on the slab. Rory sighed, noticing the reports had said the victim was found electrocuted to death but there was no sign of any electrical equipment at the scene, or even any burns from lightning. The roman had a hunch about just what it could be, but he didn’t want to say anything to the police, telling them robot men “deleted” him may not go over well!

Rory looked up to see a woman enter the morgue, she must be the officer coming into to investigate the body. “Hello, ma’am. You must be the officer, I’m Rory Williams, nurse here at the hospital, obviously.” he said with a small chuckle, tugging at his sleeve of his hospital scrubs.

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    Rory blinked, then laughed along with Sally, happy to see she could let loose and laugh too. “Right, let’s go.” he said,...
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    Sally clapped a hand over her mouth as she laughed loudly, surprising herself. “We look like a bunch of actors! Oh,...